What is the Dell QuickSet Utility?

This article will consider the functionality of Dell QuickSet Utility, its pros, and its cons.

Why Dell is popular in the marketplace?

Along with the models of laptops of well-known brands, products from new manufacturers appear on the market, which also produces competitive products. However, the classics remain classics and modern users retain confidence in well-known world-renowned companies.

Dell is one of the largest American technology companies in the world and manufactures desktops, laptops, and other equipment. Dell is known for its approach to manufacturing and direct selling to order. The main reason Dell is a leader in the laptop market is its exceptional customer service. A satisfied customer will usually be a repeat customer, and the developers understand this.

Dell entered the computer technology market in 1984 in the US state of Texas. Very quickly, the manufacturer entered the international market, established itself in the European arena and in Asia. Today, the company’s products are laptops and computers with advanced technology.

Dell is constantly listening to its customers and adding new features to its laptop portfolio. They work with their partners to find solutions for both the business sector and home laptop users. Dell sets itself apart from other manufacturers with its build quality and wide range of products. The technology world is very competitive and Dell remains one of the leading brands as they consistently produce quality hardware.

Another special technical feature of Dell laptops is the practical absence of unnecessary programs to ensure the operation of the system. Dell laptops delight users with the fact that everything is clear and concise: the software is not overloaded with a lot of unnecessary things, as is often the case with other manufacturers. Dell laptops have special software utilities installed to ensure the security of files stored on laptops.

What is QuickSet Utility?

Dell Quickset Utility is an obligatory tool for Dell laptops. This is a driver application for Dell laptops to customize shortcut buttons. Installing drivers for hardware is one of the most important elements in setting up a computer operating system.

The driver is responsible for communication and interaction between the hardware devices that make up the PC. Each function requires a driver on your computer, and in some cases more than one. A computer using outdated drivers may become unstable, less productive, and experience hardware malfunction.

Dell Quickset performs many functions depending on the computer/laptop it comes with. They are:

  • Dell Quickset enables easy access to set up power management settings, font and icon size, display brightness, volume control, and other functions. Allows you to both independently adjust settings and create custom profiles;
  • It is mandatory and allows you to use the function keys of the laptop, turns on the indication of the sound level in the system over the desktop, turns on and off the Wi-Fi adapter, touchpad, and screen brightness.
  • It allows additional buttons on the computer to function properly. Buttons such as wireless enable/disable, sleep mode, screen brightness, etc.
  • It controls the battery charge. It allows you to change the power management settings for your computer to help you balance performance and energy efficiency, especially on laptops.
  • It also allows you to access diagnostic procedures to assist if you are having problems with your computer.

The Windows battery charge indicator shows the remaining charge. To check the battery indicator, double-click the icon in the taskbar. Battery life is highly dependent on the number of charges you have performed.  After repeated charging and discharging cycles, the capacity or performance of the battery will decrease. That is, in the charged state of the battery, its residual charge may remain low

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How to choose antivirus for your business?

Antivirus protection is a basic element of the successful operation of any office. In this article, we will discuss how to choose antivirus for your business and consider the best alternatives to such software.

The role of antivirus software in the corporate system

The complex system of technical protection of information is an important and integral system of objects of information activity, in particular their information-analytical systems, systems of electronics, and telecommunications. There are more than enough antivirus solutions on the market today to protect corporate networks. In such conditions, it is very difficult to choose a really suitable solution. The usual selection criteria, which are guided by users of home computers, will not be used here, since the focus is on ease of management and deployment, as well as support for the required operating systems and applications.

A modern office can have more than a dozen, or even a hundred computers, not to mention the presence of several servers that play very different roles: mail, file, teamwork, and so on.

How to choose a good antivirus?

Antivirus programs use two methods to perform tasks:

  • View (scan) files to find known viruses that correspond to the definition in the dictionary of viruses.
  • Finding suspicious behavior of any of the programs that are similar to the behavior of the infected program.

There are the following main types of antivirus programs: real-time programs, control programs, and online antivirus. Real-time programs run in the background of the operating system and scan all files, programs, and RAM. 

What are the alternatives?

Corporate solutions are built according to the “client-server” scheme, the management process at all stages from installation to updating databases and collecting data on the work of agents is carried out from a remote console. The server part contains a SQL database, while for small networks the capabilities of the built-in database, supplied free of charge with the distribution kit, are usually sufficient. In order to save Internet traffic, anti-virus clients are updated from an internal server. This is where the commonality between corporate antiviruses ends. Each implementation has its own characteristics: support for OS and platforms for the server and clients, binding to specific software (for example, IIS or SQL Server), the functionality of client modules, localization. And, of course, there are differences in price and licensing specifics. In all these issues, we will try to figure them out.  The most preferred solutions on the marketplace are:

  • Avast business antivirus
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • Kaspersky Open Space Security
  • Web Enterprise Suite
  • ESET NOD32 Smart Security Business Edition

Avast business antivirus – a good choice for your business system

And now let’s look at the possibilities of the well-known, but much less advertised on the network antivirus Avast. The basis of the corporate version is the Avast Professional Edition (or NetClient Edition for use with the ADNM management utility), which is designed to protect workstations from viruses, rootkits, and spyware. In addition, the client checks incoming and outgoing mail, P2P, and IM traffic, blocking potentially dangerous scripts on web pages.

It gives us the opportunity for maximum protection from all sides. Its advantages over other competitors include:

  • automatic update of signatures three times a day;
  • the presence of network protection – without connecting different packages manually, the program will do everything for you, just agree;
  • the ability to check files for rootkits – which is not in any other antivirus;
  • the ability to check archives for malware;
  • the ability to check the files that are downloaded during the download;
  • convenient and clear program interface.
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Best Netflix shows

Even in the era of total domination of streaming platforms, Netflix remains one of the main providers of quality shows of all stripes. This article will consider the best shows and films offered to be the platform.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a virtual home theater, which for a monthly subscription fee shows video content in impeccable quality and high resolution. The first month of views is free. During this time, an innovative recommendation system with artificial intelligence will select material for viewing on the principle of “what you like.” And then – divide and rule.

With the development of high-speed internet, more and more people have started consuming content online. In the mid-2000s, the niche of online video services was virtually empty. Netflix noticed this in time. In 2007, customers of the service were offered to test a new service – online viewing of more than 1,000 movies and series. In 2010, Netflix’s revenue was $ 2.4 billion, and the number of subscribers reached 20 million – 2.5 times more than at the start. 60% of these people watched videos online. In November of that year, Netflix announced the separation of the streaming business from DVD rental.

In 2020, Netflix will independently shoot original pictures, as well as by the rights to rent movies, and series in almost all countries. Their projects have gained recognition among film critics and viewers. The number of accounts is constantly growing, and Netflix itself has won the hearts of viewers and the international market.

The most important advantage of Netflix is its compatibility. The online cinema application is available on almost every device, including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android devices and almost all Smart TV models. And on Windows and macOS and other devices, there is a browser in which watching movies and series are no less convenient.

The application is supported even on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. From anywhere on Earth, on any device, you can watch your favorite series in the best quality. And even in 4K, if the gadget and the Internet allow it.

The best series and shows from Netflix

Although the main product of the service from birth is shows, series, and movies, at the start Netflix worked quite differently, because it was founded as a company for renting DVDs. Netflix spends about $ 8 billion annually on content production. Netflix’s best series attract millions of people around the world.

Already today, Netflix provides its users with access to a database of more than 1,000 series and movies. But Netflix isn’t just a platform for collecting content. The company itself plays a leading role in filling the film library. In this case, the series on the site are mostly full seasons, rather than episodes, which is very popular with viewers.

The list of the most popular shows and series includes the following positions:

  • “Love Is Blind” about relationships;
  • “Cheer” – a reality show about sports and TV games;
  • “Chef & My Fridge” about cooking;
  • “Stella’s last weekend” with Julia Macchio in the main role;
  • “Sex Education” – teenage drama without taboo;
  • “Black Mirror”- almanac about the horrors of the near technocratic future;
  • “The Witcher”- world’s premier fantasy TV series where “Game of Thrones” ended;
  • “Mindhunter”- the most serious psychological detective about FBI agents;
  • “House of Cards”- a political thriller about the most unprincipled inhabitant of the Capitol.

If you want to find new content that can be saved for the future, click “Find more”. And in “My Downloads” a list of movies is available for viewing right now.

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